California Southern Law School is no longer enrolling advanced students.  The law school will cease operations after our last class graduates in May, 2020. 



Admission to Advanced Standing

Note: California Southern Law School is no longer enrolling advanced students.

Applicants who have completed law studies at other law schools may apply for advanced standing in the fall, spring, and summer and are subject to the rules of the State Bar. The awarding of transfer credit is subject to the following limitations:

(A) No credit may be granted unless the applicant has passed the First-Year Law Students’ Examination or became exempt while attending an accredited law school. To be exempt from the examination, the student must have successfully completed the first year at the accredited law school and have been advanced to the second year by the same law school.

(B) Credit should ordinarily be granted for whole courses completed not more than twenty-seven (27) months prior to the date the applicant begins study at the admitting law school. This time limitation does not apply to students who have passed the First-Year Law Students’ Examination. In some instances, such as illness, personal tragedy or military service, it may be appropriate to permit credit for studies completed more than twenty-seven (27) months prior to admission.

Applicants previously disqualified for academic reasons may be granted admission when there is an affirmative showing by the applicant that he or she possesses the requisite ability for the study of law. Such a showing may be made:

(A) At any time, if the applicant presents credible evidence that the prior disqualification was not caused by the applicant's lack of capacity for the study of law, but resulted from a traumatic event or serious hardship that prohibited the applicant from performing at her or his normal level; or

(B) After at least two (2) years have elapsed since the disqualification, if the applicant demonstrates that work, study, or other experience during the interim has resulted in a stronger potential for law study than the applicant exhibited at the time he or she was previously disqualified for academic reasons.

Decisions made regarding admission are made on a case by case basis. Factors considered include previous grades earned, and how the student might fit into the program at CSLS while meeting the requirements of the State Bar. CSLS reserves the right to refuse any credit for advanced standing.  The law school has no articulation agreements with any other law schools.