Tuition Refund Policy

The student has the right to cancel the enrollment agreement and obtain a refund.   Intent to withdraw must be made in writing and is effective on the postmarked date of a mailed request or on the date a written notice of withdrawal is delivered to the administrative office.  Written notice should be addressed to the Attention of the Dean.

California Southern Law School adheres to the following refund policy:

If a student cancels registration before attending classes, all monies paid for tuition, fees (including application fee), and books (if unmarked) will be refunded; if a student cancels registration after attending classes, tuition and fees will be refunded on the following schedule:

Pro-rata refund

The refund policy for students who have completed 60% or less shall be a pro-rata refund of tuition and fees.  This refund is based on the percentage of the number of classes that have not transpired as related to the total number of classes per semester or summer session.

Students who have completed 61% or more shall not receive a refund and shall be charged 100% of tuition and fees.  This is based on the above mentioned method.

The law school shall pay or credit refunds due on a reasonable or timely basis, not to exceed 30 days following the date upon which the student's withdrawal has been determined.

The law school shall disclose all fees and fee-related policies and procedures to be required of students and provide copies of all information to be given students relating to and regarding tuition, fee and refunds.

Dismissals are treated the same as withdrawals for refund purposes.

General Policies


A student unable to take a final examination at the scheduled time must notify the school no later than the day of the exam. Makeup exams must be scheduled as soon as possible.  Failure to notify the school by exam day will result in a failing grade.


Students are not permitted to attend classes for which they are not officially registered.  Failure to pay tuition and fees when due renders a student liable to suspension from school.

Each student's course program must be officially approved before attending classes.  This rule also applies to change of programs.

Transcripts of record, degrees, record of academic achievement (grades), or other official certification will not be issued unless a student's account is in balance.


California Southern Law School does not permit access to student records to any person without written consent of the student.


While some employers contact the school for likely candidates for employment, no guarantee for employment can be made.


The staff of California Southern Law School is uncommonly accessible to all students. The office is manned every evening by the Registrar and/or the Administrator of the school. Students who have a grievance are encouraged to discuss the matter privately and confidentially with these staff members. If an intervention is necessary which involves a third party student, the identity of the complaining student is kept confidential.