About California Southern Law School

Founded in 1971, California Southern Law School is the oldest and largest law school located in the County of Riverside. It confers the professional degree of Juris Doctor.

The law school is an educational institution offering a systematic program designed to prepare and train students in the practice, art and theory of law, and to impart an understanding of the history, ideals and principles of our legal system.

Prospective enrollees are encouraged to visit the physical facilities of the school and to discuss educational and occupational plans with school personnel before enrollment.

ELWOOD M. RICH (1920-2015), Founder and Dean Emeritus
B.A. Duke University
J.D. University of Illinois
Deputy District Attorney, Riverside County, 1947-1952
Judge, Riverside Municipal Court, 1953-1971
Judge, Riverside Superior Court, 1971-1980
Private Judge, 1980 - 2013

JIM D. BISHOP, Interim Dean
B.A. California State University, San Bernardino
J.D. University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law
Member of the California State Bar since 1975
Member of the faculty of California Southern Law School 1976-2017

In the Spring, 2014 Judge Elwood M. Rich, Founder and Dean of California Southern Law School since 1971 retired and accepted the title of Dean Emeritus.  Judge Rich selected Jim D. Bishop as Interim Dean, and Mr. Bishop graciously accepted the position.

Mr. Bishop was a member of the faculty at California Southern Law School from 1976 to 2017, and is presently an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Business Law at California Baptist University in Riverside.  His previous teaching experiences were at Chapman University and Riverside Community College.

GREGORY A. RICH, Assistant to the Dean 
California Southern Law School, 1980 - Present

GREGORY A. RICH, Registrar
California Southern Law School, 2017 - Present